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Your Guide to Pitch Aeration

Pitch aeration is essential for maintaining the quality of your turf. Regular and seasonal aeration services keep your playing surface in Cambridge or elsewhere in the UK in a usable condition that meets your needs. Premier Turfing Ltd offers various types of aeration, such as Verti Draining, for sports pitch renovation of all pitches and greens. We also undertake aeration as part of ongoing aftercare for new sports pitch constructions. With our tailored solutions to sports pitch drainage, we ensure the best possible results.

Whether you require complete football pitch renovation or a one-off aeration service, we give you all the information you need to keep your playing surface in excellent condition.

What is Aeration?
Aeration is a process that alters the structure of soil by creating holes or channels in the soil. This improves the circulation of air, water and nutrients to aid soil health and root growth. Aeration is a common aspect of sports pitch renovation and maintenance in Cambridge and across the UK. As well as providing this service for existing pitches, we offer aeration as part of sports pitch construction aftercare and ongoing upkeep.

Why is Aeration Important?
Over time, soil compacts from use. This causes issues with circulation, ventilation and growth. Verti Draining and other aeration systems help keep your pitch healthy and reduce maintenance requirements, which is why aeration is such an important aspect of sports and football pitch renovations.

Without aeration,the quality of surfaces decreases, and they may become unplayable, resulting in disruption and loss of revenue.

The benefits of periodic aeration in Cambridge and the surrounding areas include:

Different Types of Aeration
As a company committed to the needs of our customers in Cambridge and across the UK, Premier Turfing Ltd offers various types of aeration. While Verti Draining is our most popular system, the best option for your sports or football pitch renovation depends on the specifics of your pitch.

Some different systems of aeration are:

No matter your sports pitch drainage needs, our tailored services ensure effective results that maintain surface quality and playability for both new and old sports pitch constructions.

Aeration Equipment
Premier Turfing Ltd has a range of specialist equipment and machinery for carrying out various forms of aeration in Cambridge, including Verti Draining. We use this equipment for efficient sports pitch renovations as well as offering machinery hire. Toro ProCore is popular for both natural and hybrid pitches, while the BLEC Groundbreaker is a linear system that is ideal for natural turf surfaces.

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