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Sports Pitch Construction in Leicester

Key Information for Natural Turf Pitches

Proper planning is vital to successful sports pitch construction. With various qualifications, such as NVQs and City & Guilds, along with many years of industry experience, Premier Turfing Ltd delivers reliable services, including sports pitch drainage, for the construction of all playing surfaces. This includes creating suitable plans that meet your requirements and will ensure a high standard pitch or green. We deliver detailed, tailored plans and services for all projects in Leicester and the UK, including sports pitch renovations and ongoing maintenance schemes, such as Verti Draining.

Natural turf is a popular option for playing surfaces, and we regularly carry out football pitch renovation and sports pitch construction of natural surfaces. To ensure ideal results, it’s necessary to draw up detailed plans that cover all aspects of planning and construction.

Over the years, there have been various initiatives within the industry to define minimum standards and improve pitch quality. This includes:

These cover a range of aspects such as sports pitch drainage design and construction tolerances. Premier Turfing Ltd adheres to these guidelines for sports pitch renovation and construction to provide surfaces of the highest quality in Leicester and the surrounding areas.

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Sports Turf Technology

Natural turf surfaces depend on the health of the grass as well as the type and strength of the soil. Grass needs various elements to thrive, such as light, water and nutrients. Consequently, inappropriate conditions and excessive use can cause wear and damage that grass won’t recover from.

Football pitch renovation and sports pitch construction of natural surfaces aim to ensure turf has the components it needs in a sufficient amount. As such, it’s important to consider the following factors when undertaking sports pitch renovation and construction in Leicester:

Soil Types
Different amounts of sand, silt and clay in soils influence their characteristics and make them more suitable for different sports. For example, the best ground for cricket is dry, compacted clay soils because the sport requires ball bounce.

For football, sandy soils are ideal. This is because they drain quickly and maintain strength even when wet. Without this strength, players in Leicester can’t generate traction, affecting playability. This is also why aeration services such as Verti Draining are a key part of football pitch renovation.

Proper sports pitch drainage is a vital aspect of successful sports pitch construction projects. This helps maintain surface strength as well as oxygen levels in the soil. Because sandy soils drain best, sand is the material of choice for many natural turf surfaces in the UK, such as the Wembley pitch.

However, we often build natural turf surfaces in the Leicester area on native soils, which may be poorly draining clay or silt. In these cases, it’s important to make sure drainage systems are sustainable to reduce the risk of flooding. For existing pitches that are experiencing drainage issues, secondary drainage and Verti Draining are effective solutions to alleviate waterlogging and improve airflow.

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