Premier Turfing Ltd

Football Pitch Renovation in Leicester, Cambridge and the UK

We know maintaining the best possible playing surface all year round can be difficult. As standards continue to improve, they become even harder to uphold, but that’s where Premier Turfing Ltd comes in. We offer a vast range of sports pitch renovation and maintenance services which restore worn pitches, golf courses and greens as well as increasing their lifespan. Whether you need football pitch renovation in Lincoln, Leicester and Birmingham, or services for a tired golf or bowling green in Cambridge, Manchester or elsewhere in the UK, we offer ideal solutions.

Throughout the year, sports surfaces are subject to wear and tear from excessive use as well as poor weather. Consequently, they need regular maintenance to ensure they continue to provide a safe playing environment and a high level of performance.

With many years of industry experience and a range of qualifications, including NVQs and City & Guilds certifications, our dedicated team undertakes an extensive range of services for both natural and hybrid turf surfaces. Having started off as turf installation specialists and sports turf contractors, we have developed our skills to deliver complete solutions.

From full sports pitch renovations of old and ineffective pitches to seasonal maintenance and secondary pitch drainage, we tailor services to meet your needs. The following are some key aspects of sports and football pitch renovations:

Overseeding – Oversowing new grass plants into the existing sward helps maintain the quality of the surface. At Premier Turfing Ltd, we have a range of machinery for your job requirements, including Vredo Disc Drills and BLEC Dimple Seeders. We also undertake hydroseeding for efficient and even distribution of seeds across your pitch or golf course.

Topdressing & Sand Spreading – Using specially designed drop spreaders, we apply sand or topdressings to natural turf pitches in Lincoln, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester and Manchester to aid performance.

Aeration – Premier Turfing Ltd offer a variety of aeration options for sports pitch renovation, including Verti Draining, earthquaking and hollow coring. These processes improve air movement, drainage and performance of pitches and greens.

Scarifying – Scarifying is a process which removes thatch and moss, allowing the grass plants you want on your pitch to thrive. This helps produce firmer, healthier and stronger turf. We have machines suitable for scarifying golf courses and bowling greens as well as cricket pitches and larger areas. This enables us to undertake services for projects of every size, including football pitch renovations.

Fraise Mowing/Surface Removal – This process involves removing material from natural turf surfaces in Lincoln, Birmingham and across the UK. This is an ideal way to control annual meadow grass and to remove minor imperfections in your playing surface in Cambridge, Leicester, Manchester and the surrounding areas. During sports pitch renovations, removing existing vegetation allows us to install a new surface which is free from unwanted problems.

Laser Grading – Laser grading is the best way to create the most precise levels on turf surfaces. Using the BLEC Dual Grade system, we achieve high tolerances to deliver truly flat surfaces, such as for bowling greens, and to ensure optimum falls for the removal of surface water on pitches.

For high-quality sports and football pitch renovations in Leicester, Cambridge and all the surrounding areas, call us today on 01522 410540 or 07377 690597.