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Sports Pitch Drainage in Birmingham and Lincoln
Effective Schemes to Improve Playability

When constructing or renovating a sports pitch, playing field or golf course, it’s vital to consider drainage. As turf installation specialists and sports turf contractors, Premier Turfing Ltd ensures an efficient drainage scheme is in place for all projects we undertake in Lincoln, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester, Manchester and the rest of the UK. By providing proper sports pitch drainage with specialist machinery such as a GKB Drainmaster and BLEC Vibra Sandmaster, we ensure your surface is highly durable and will continue to provide quality that doesn’t impact play.

An effective drainage system offers multiple benefits, such as avoiding waterlogging, reduced compaction and improved playability. We install sports pitch drainage as part of new constructions as well as during renovations of existing pitches. This requires minimal disruption and is an ideal solution if your pitch tends to waterlog during wetter months.

For maximum protection against waterlogging, we offer regular aeration services using various systems, such as Verti Draining and Toro ProCore.

There are generally two types of drainage we use for your pitch or golf course. However, the exact services we undertake will depend on the specifics and requirements of your site.

Primary Drainage - Primary sports pitch drainage consists of an underground network of perforated plastic pipes which we connect to an outlet. These pipes require trenches which we backfill with suitable materials before topping with free-draining sand or rootzone.

Secondary Drainage - If the primary drainage system is not enough to remove all the surface water, we install secondary sports pitch drainage to increase surface infiltration and improve drainage into the primary network of pipes.

Secondary drainage involves cutting slits or bands into the soil, which we fill with permeable materials such as gravel, sand or rootzone. Because this method requires minimal disruption, it is ideal for sports pitch renovation and golf green renovation projects in Lincoln, Cambridge and Leicester, as well as new pitch constructions in Birmingham and Manchester.

Premier Turfing Ltd is one of the few companies in the UK to have specialist GKB Drainmaster and BLEC Vibra Sandmaster machinery. These machines relieve compaction, install slits and fill the slits with sand in one pass. This results in minimal disturbance and maximum efficiency.

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Specifications - At Premier Turfing Ltd, we design and implement sports pitch drainage to your specifications, or to standard specifications. No matter your needs, we deliver reliable solutions for football and cricket pitches as well as golf and bowling greens.

The design of individual systems depends on various aspects, such as soil conditions, site location and application. With 130 years of combined experience, we undertake full site surveys to determine the drainage needs of your site. This includes topographical and soil surveys prior to design.

Machinery - To ensure the highest quality, we use specialised machines for drainage installations in Lincoln, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester, Manchester and nationwide. We have a large fleet of various vehicles and machines which make drainage projects efficient and precise. This includes chain trenchers, gravel banders, sand placement hoppers, tipping trailers, wheel trenchers, GKB Drainmaster and BLEC Vibra Sandmaster.

If you require, we even offer machine hire with or without an operator. This is subject to availability.

Contact Premier Turfing Ltd on 01522 410540 or 07377 690597 for sports pitch drainage that ensures you get the most from your pitch in Lincoln, Birmingham and the UK.