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Verti Draining in Manchester and Leicester | Keeping Your Pitch in the Best Condition

Aeration is a vital aspect of effective turf management. To ensure your pitch maintains its quality and playability, Premier Turfing Ltd undertakes deep tine aeration in Lincoln, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester, Manchester and nationwide. We offer this service as part of ongoing turf maintenance and sports pitch renovations as well as a one-off service, as and when you require. Using the trusted Verti Draining system, we ensure your pitch, golf course or green meets your needs all year round.

We undertake aeration for all kinds of sites, including football and cricket pitches as well as golf and bowling greens. No matter the size of your project, as turf installation specialists and sports turf contactors, we deliver reliable results with services tailored to your needs.

What is Verti Draining?

Verti Draining is a system of aeration using specialist Verti-Drain machinery. Tines in various diameters create equally spaced holes in the ground that allow water and air to filter through.

Premier Turfing Ltd offers tine options from 8mm to 25mm and up to 14 inches deep.

Verti Draining also often includes top dressing. This involves spreading a fine layer of carefully selected sand over your playing surface to improve soil structure, help with the breakdown of the capping layer and to improve surface drainage.

Whether you have a large playing field in Lincoln or Cambridge, or a small golf green in Leicester, Birmingham or Manchester, we deliver the most suitable services for your pitch. With 130 years of combined industry experience, we offer expert advice and carry out Verti Draining efficiently and to a high standard. This minimises disruption and ensures your pitch is ready for use straight away. 

The Benefits of Aeration - Aeration, such as the Verti-Drain system, is an essential part of turf maintenance and offers a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Relieves Compaction
  • Assists Drainage
  • Alleviates Waterlogging
  • Promotes Healthy Growth
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Aids Thatch Control

All this creates a better, harder wearing playing surface which you can use even in periods of extreme wet weather.

When to Carry Out Verti Draining - To keep your pitch or green in the best possible condition, you should carry out aeration regularly as part of turf maintenance. We recommend undertaking aeration once or twice a year, depending on how heavily you use your playing surface and depending on financial resources.

It’s important to undertake aeration during periods of good weather, otherwise the process may contribute to surface deterioration. At Premier Turfing Ltd, we recommend clients in the Lincoln, Birmingham, Cambridge, Leicester and Manchester areas arrange aeration to complement sports pitch renovations and other seasonal work during the spring and autumn.

Other Systems - While Verti Draining is an ideal option for natural and hybrid turf surfaces, we also offer other systems of aeration to suit your needs. This includes Toro ProCore using 6-19mm tines and the BLEC Groundbreaker which is a linear form or aeration using rotary blades.

However, the Groundbreaker is only suitable for use on natural turf because it destroys the artificial element of hybrids.

Get in touch with Premier Turfing Ltd on 01522 410540 or 07377 690597 to arrange Verti Draining or other aeration services in Manchester, Leicester and across the UK.